Takagi Condensing Tankless Review

    Takagi T-H2 Condensing

    Here is the Takagi T-H2 Condensing Tankless hot water heater, there’s a lot to cover so lets get started.

    Takagi Tankless Benefits

    1. PVC venting
    2. 95% efficient
    3. 4.6 GPM in dead of winter
    4. 8.5 GPM in the summer
    5. Direct vent capability


    The T-H2 model is available as a direct vent or an Outdoor model only. Takagi’s T-H2 “2nd Generation High Efficiency Tankless” unit, is a very energy efficient tankless unit (up to 95% in thermal efficiency) in the Tankless industry.  The T-H2 was apparently designed for residential and light commercial use and offers Takagi’s Easy-Link to join multiple units.

    The T-H2 can provide upwards of three showers’ worth of water simultaneously in colder climates.

    The T-H2 can be vented with PVC, providing 0 clearance for DV installations. PVC venting can be used in all applications and apparently Takagi says that 3″ exhaust venting is now available (previously it required a 3″ intake and a 4″ exhaust).

    The primary heat exchanger is made of “Heat Resistant Alloy” HRS35 Copper, Takagi has also added a “High Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel” #316L secondary heat exchanger to recover waste heat from the vent stack before it leaves the unit to preheat the incoming ground water. This second heat exchanger and the resulting condensation that forms from the high efficiency operation, classify it as a “Condensing” Water Heater.

    Download the official Takagi T-H2 Manual Here.  Must have a PDF viewer.



    Natural Gas InputMin. 13,000BTUMax. 199,000BTU
    LPG InputMin. 13,000BTUMax. 199,000BTU
    Gas Connection3/4″ NPT 
    Water Connection3/4″ NPT 
    Condensate Water Drain1/2″ NPT 
    Natural Gas Pressure InletMin. 5.0″WCMax 10.5″WC
    LP Gas Pressure InletMin. 8.0″WCMax. 14.0″WC
    WeightDV = 73lbs. 
    Dimensions25.6″ x 18.5″ x 12.4″ 
    IgnitionElectronic Ignition 
    Electrical SupplyAC 120V (60 Hz) 
    Water PressureMin. 15psiMax. 150psi
    T-H2DV Manifold PressureNatural: 3.15″WCPropane:4.6″WC

    As we all know Canada can has winter, and this affects our ground water temperature.  The higher the tankless has to heat ground water up the lower the output flow of hot water is.  Ontario’s ground water fluctuates with the coldest temperatures occurring in February and the warmest is September.  Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton, Scarborough, Mississauga for example are places that rarely see ground water temperatures dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Thus its safe to assume a minimum of 4.6GPM in the worst of conditions.

    Download the official Takagi T-H2 specifications sheet here.  Must have PDF viewer.



    If you are looking for a condensing tankless that is relatively cheap and flexible for installation the Takagi condensing unit is definitely one that you should consider.  This unit is $2575 our price and the Suggested Retail is $3920, which is considerably more.

    Fill out the form below if you are at all interested in this or any other Tankless Water Heater.

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