Norits Tankless Water Heater

    Norits Tankless Hot Water

    We are now starting to install the Norits tankless systems to replace the Navien that we have had some troubles with. The Norits is a condensing tankless that is able to provide sufficient hot water for the typical 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home.

    Nortis Advantages

    1. 0.5 GPM low flow start up requirement
    2. Direct ignition
    3. Condensing so
    4. Greater than 93% efficient
    5. Digital thermometer for accuracy
    6. Dual copper primary heat exchangers
    7. Multi-system compatibility
    8. PVC (636) venting capabilities

    The Noritz 842 tankless water heater also uses a dual flame in its burner. This is a system that recirculates the exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber to burn off any excess fuel and particulate mater so as to increase efficiency and provide, essentially free heat.

    Single Burner

    Single Burner

    Dual Burner

    Dual Burner

    These energy efficient models use dual heat exchangers to increase efficiency to over 93%.  Available form Norits are the N-0842MC and the N-0842MC-DV, the tankless come in either direct or power vent.

    Fill out this form and see if the Norits tankless will work in your home.  CLICK FOR FORM

    Noritz is correctly spelled with a Z instead of an S but its a common mistake.

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