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    [Update Nov 2019]  Are you having Navien problems? I personally had a Navien combi-boiler installed in my family home in 2016 and couldn’t be happier with the decision.  We have had zero issues with the system and it continues to perform flawlessly.  At the bottom of this page are over 100 comments with people describing issues and Navien problems they are having with their tankless systems.  In my opinion (which is exactly that, an opinion) the majority of issues experienced are from incorrect installations. Be that the actual unit placement, the piping or plumbing, or the dip switch/settings within the unit.  A tankless is far more technologically advanced and a brand new system of heating water.  Technicians and installers need to complete the Navien training program to increase their knowledge and reduce the amount of issues home owners are experiencing. I don’t mean to discount homeowners experiences though, it’s completely not your fault when hiring a professional you should be getting a professional installation. Unfortunately that’s not the case for A LOT of people.

    If you haven’t already, Call Navien – They have spent a lot of time and effort to address many issues that home owners are experiencing.


    [Update 2016] The early generation Navien tankless systems have had some definite issues… So much so we completely stopped selling them around 2009.  For the most part Navien did a good job helping customers and dealers fix and repair the mistakes in their past units. I’m happy to say we are now selling and actually promoting Navien tankless water heaters again.  Their new generation launched in 2011, redesigned and vastly improved.  Having personally reviewed and tested the new generation we all feel confident in recommending a Navien for your water heating needs.

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    Navien was the first to come out with a condensing tankless water heater and thus they are bound to have some additional issues. This post is aimed at addressing and solving some of the common Navien problems associated with their early generation systems.

    1. Navien flow sensor issues
    2. Navien Control board failures
    3. Navien Heat exchanger cracks

    The flow sensor

    Early Navien models had flow sensors that would easily corrode and shut the unit down as the buildup would impair operation. There is a temporary fix where you take the two clamps off the sensor, pull it out and blow on it. The fix that Navien has made is to change the sensor over to stainless steel, you can replace the part to prevent this unexpected shut down. Also an additional fix is to install a 5 micron filter in the water inlet right before the Navien.  It is not a terribly difficult fix so listed below is a few links to the replacement parts if you feel capable.  There are a few different styles so make sure you cross reference your model with the part number.


    Navien Problems with Control or Motherboards

    These do fail relatively frequently and symptoms can be fairly wide ranging. If your unit turns on, then off, then on, and then off repeatedly or possibly fails with error code 03 (ignition failure) this could possibly be a control or motherboard issue. There are definitely other issues that a failing or failed board can cause but the symptoms can be difficult to narrow down. You may find that power cycling the unit (un-plug and plug back in)  can temporarily solve the issue.  Ultimately you will likely need to replace the Navien control board.  If you are relatively handy this isn’t too difficult and can be done. Listed below are a few few available replacement motherboards, make sure to confirm you are purchasing the correct replacement.

    Cracking Heat Exchanger

    This isn’t near as frequent as the problems listed above but it is an issue none the less. A heat exchanger should be replaced immediately; it’s a breach containment allowing exhaust gases to enter your home. The heat exchanger is most likely under Navien warranty I recommend calling them to address the issue 1-800-519-8794

    More Help

    Here is some places and information you can use to find additional help.

    GoTankless Service Department – 647-925-1930 (GoTankless is a trusted tankless specific company operating out of Toronto, Ontario)

    Navien Technical Help Line – 1-800-519-8794  (Great solution for the Do It Yourself crowd)

    Navien Warranty details – Find out more  HERE (should be accurate for Canada and Ontario)

    Additional Issues – Read Here

    UPDATE – here is a Complete list of Navien Error Codes

    If all else fails post a comment and we can try and trouble-shoot any issues here.

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    1. I will never buy a Navien NCB 190/080 h its been a problem sent we installed this peace of junk. I have call tech several times no help.
      I having a NCB 190/080H keep running after thermostat shut down keeps turn on / off.
      I’ve had so so many problems with this Navien.
      Buyer beware its junk

    2. Second problem in 16 months with NCB 240 combi unit. No hot water for Thanksgiving, just like in Ukraine. Maybe Putin owns Navien.

    3. I’m baffled by our 210. It’s been regularly serviced/flushed, but consistently the GPM measured on the control panel is lower than the flow at the faucet, so much so that the water temp is luke warm (it reads half or less of the actual flow). The flow sensor has been replaced three times. It’s as though the sensor isn’t calibrated correctly.

    4. We had our Navien CR120 for 12 years. Finally the hot water supply deteriorated to the point which draws our attention. Need to turn on max to get the heater going.Two days ago, it finally quit. After all the research, we decided to replace the flow sensor for 60$ Canadian (we did tried to clean the old sensor without success). It worked nicely. Advice for others: if the unit is up there in age, the flow sensor’s turbine blades inside are all worned out, eroded or chemically eaten away, rendering the turbine not spinning effectively. Thus no use cleaning. For new units, cleaning likely will do the job.
      A word of caution: When replacing the sensor, be careful not to overly move the adjoining pipes. The joins with the o-rings with their clamps are very delicate. Any distortion of pipe positions would result in leaking after installation. Good luck.

    5. Have had Navien 240 combi unit for just over 5 years and have had to replace the 3 way valve 3x so far, a circulator pump 1x and now have either a need for yet another 3way valve PLUS a circuit board/motherboard. For what this unit cost, and i’m 2 mos out of warranty, i’ve already put in over $3K in labor against this unit and now am likely facing another almost $1K for this latest indignity. Company has “offered” $225 towards labor….are there any legal avenues or current class actions going against this shameful company? Horrible quality products and worse consumer support…even the technicians who come to fix say don’t buy a Navien

    6. I have had multiple issues with Navien NP 240 unit installed in 2019. This unit is problematic. Navien had sent one of their own tech reps to work with my plumber…problem was fixed, now more problems arising. The energy efficiency that Navien leads with selling this unit are far offset by local plumber service bills and the lack of any dependability in getting hot water.

    7. My Navien NPE 240S has been nothing but problems since installed 1.5 years ago (2019). After several attempts by my local plumber and tech rep fro Navien to fix the issues, it worked well for about 6 months, but now flashes error code E016 which the plumber came and performed the fixes ssociated with that code. Now the past 3 days, the same error code is back, i fix it by hitting reset….now the unit displays no error code and is not supplying any hotwater. For me, I regret ever having purchased such a clunly piece of technology..forget the heating efficiency savings….what you spend in service and aggravation is just so frustrating….will revert back to a traditional water heating system in the Spring. Would like to join any class action being formed against this company.

    8. Navien is terrible in colder climates where incoming water changes temperature
      My system keeps failing amd navien support is terrible. The combi system does not generate hot water but provides heating. Everytime I run hot water lines, it.cold amd water heater does not come on. My plumber cant fix it. Horrid system. Regretted buying.


    10. We purchased an interior Navien 210S in September 2017 and it was converted to LP. Our very rural home is in northern New Mexico making it very difficult to get a plumber that doesn’t have a trip cost just to get here. This product came highly recommended by the plumber who had installed these units in other areas of New Mexico. Our previous tankless experience was with two Rinnai in southern Arizona. Those were outdoor natural gas units. No problems ever. The Navien has already had the heat exchanger replaced in December 2018. We were gone to Texas from December 2018 to May of 2019, so the unit wasn’t used during this time. Now it’s late December 2020 and there is a small leak happening. Today, January 2, 2021, there is a much bigger leak. It appears to be the water adjustment valve but the number on the existing one doesn’t have the same number in the manual. Don’t know if it’s the valve, an o-ring…. Have a call into the plumber that installed it but haven’t heard back yet. Oh, customer service the first time with the heat exchanger wasn’t great. He didn’t really want to talk to my husband, said we needed a plumber on site for him to discuss the problem with. We had to take pictures……..for them to honor the warranty which they finally did but we had to pay the labor costs.

    11. Answer to everyone’s problem. Do not fix or buy another navies heater

    12. I have spent $2000 in last nine months. I had Navien installer and certified technician came to fix this year for 9 times in 9 months. I had no hot water for almost two months this summer. I had no heating for couple weeks last winter.

      My plumber installed Navien Model CH-240 unit 5 years ago. I converted from oil to natural gas and spent $12,000. My older oil unit never gave any issues for 20 years.

      Following are repairs in last 9 months with $2000 cost plus no heat or hot water today.

      Error code 003E, Heater Flame Rod fix 2 times
      Heater 3 Way Valve, Oring fixed
      Error code 015E
      Flame Rod, Ignition Transformer, Leak Fix, PCB (Motherboard) fixed
      Error code 002E

      Why should I go through cost, mental stress, and no heat and hot water?

    13. garbage do not buy a Navien, 10 years of problems, many new parts, flow censer 3 times, mother board once, and many other parts, thank god the tech is a friend of mine or all this would have cost me 1,000’s of $, last draw came home, water was gushing out of Navien, tech fixed the problem with the leak, but now does not work, mother board gone again, I do not understand how a company can get away with selling this garbage, have not heard of one satisfied customer, they have all had issues

    14. So far this system has been unreliable. So bad I told my wife to visit the kids in Florida without me this past winter. System shut down during a snow storm, had to reset. The wind ? Another time the air filter was full of dead moths. Now its popping the power breaker and shutting down with no trouble code. Dead piece of unreliable heat and hot water. Total garbage. My old system never failed for 23 years. This thing is 3 years old and failed 4 times. Whaaaa. Garbage.

    15. Had a Navien NR-210A installed around late 2011. Had several minor problems – turn on hot water at kitchen sink and very loud, sounded like a small plane revving up. That may have gotten better, maybe just used to it? Have had to have mixer valve adjusted, readjusted, replaced. Unfortunately, for some reason, the red light on sensor panel kept flashing. Mentioned to plumber several times. Think he didn’t know how to fix it?! Don’t know what happened but one day I called the guy for problem with Kohler toilet (piece of crap, seriously) and he was no longer in business for himself. Tonight suddenly the Navien = NO hot H2O just hours after it was fine. Unfortunately plumber never resolved warning light, so no idea of problem or who to call. Great. :<( Heard one company deals with them, heard that's where old plumber is working. They better have someone else who knows what they are doing with these things! Very frustrating all around.

    16. We have a Navien CH240 combi installed 4 years ago. We got no heat in the house. Navien tech is shipping out flow sensor and it will take two days to get here. I pulled out the flow sensor after removed two clams and cleaned it up. Somehow i tried different angles to slide it back it but have not been able to. I pushed the left end in first and pushed down the other end as had attached the nipple to this end which has two red orings. I used flat screw driver to spry it in and also applied force but nothing worked.

      I would assume that there Anyone encountered this before? Any tips, tricks, guidelines would be appreciated.

    17. The rental I’m in had a Navian installed about 2 1/2 years ago. The motherboard has had to be replaced and many other repairs. Since it’s installation we’ve had severe changes in temp during showers. It’s not just annoying….it’s dangerous. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a class-action lawsuit against this company. I was recently lectured by the “idiot” plumber who services this thing about it being my problem. Meanwhile he charges my landlord boatloads of money every time he comes to “fix” this piece of sh*t. I would say that this is a plumber’s dream! It will guarantee income!

    18. I have had a Navien CR240A for about 8 years. Other than the initial recalls on flow sensor and circuit board, have had few problems. I think many issues are related to inadequate gas pressure and volume and a lack of a water filter before the unit. Clean soft water is the key and regular descaling of unit. Also lubricating the flow sensor periodically with Pam.
      I am having an issue with the burner taking several cycles to ignite. I cleaned the flame rod, checked the line gas pressure. It should be 8-13.5 col in. It rides around 13 and drops to 12 when burning so that’s ok. Cleaning and adjusting the flame rod seemed to help. Next I’ll get a dual manometer and check manifold pressures.

    19. I have a CR-240A
      Have had many problems. Now it’s giving problems again. Shower temp varies from hot to lukewarm. Very inconsistent water temperature. No error codes.
      Navien is not the water heater to buy

    20. It sounds like a lot of these units that were installed, were not installed correctly. The issue with freezing is because the installing didn’t program out fire freeze protection. There is a reason why they have training classes on it. I am a service technician and I have only had maybe 2 units that I’ve replaced. Installed dozens and worked on quite a few. Instant hot water is only there if you have a recirculation line ran with an NPE-A model. Just like everything else like phones and any other electrical products when they first come out are going to have issues.

    21. We have the NPE-240S system. Hot water pressure is low throughout the house. Checked filters and valves and all seem to be in good shape. Flow sensor possibly?

    22. I have a combi boiler, it can make heat but just like so many others it can’t make dhw on a reliable basis. The plumber who in stalled it doesn’t return my calls. I have found so many with the same problem. How and why does any company make such a poor product and stay in business. Is there any resolution for the problem we all have?

    23. I bought a brand new condo with a Navien tankless in it 4 years ago. The first cold spell the exhaust froze up and I did not have any hot water. The construction company came and bashed the pipes to dislodge the ice and helped us get the units going again. A few days later they came and installed insulation around the exhaust pipe in the attic up to the roof line. That seems to have helped.

      Until now. We had a spell of cold weather, over a week of below -30C. Yesterday I did not have hot water. It threw code 003, no ignition. I reset a couple times and tried but to no avail.

      Today it was much warmer and actually got above freezing for an hour or two. I reset the unit when I got home from work and it actually worked.

      Not impressed thusfar. They need to continue working in extreme cold but seem to have problems with that.

      I live in Alberta, Canada. It gets cold here.

    24. for me Navien is No more. I have 240A and since installed, it is nothing but problems.
      Never enough hot water.
      Temperature fluctuates every minutes.
      Hardly useful for only one shower.
      Never useful at the time of shaving.
      Never useful for cleaning Dishes.
      Worst ever customer service, always blames others for the Problems.
      Replaced several parts during first year of installation, but the performance never improved.
      Navien does not care for Reviews or complaints.
      Looking for the group of unsatisfied customers to file a class action law suit.

    25. Jerry Schaab purchased cr240 year 2009 not a happy customer far 6 days without hot biggest problem is service education..will try and change flow switch,maybe that will work. Unit will not run on high heat.i want a new replacement unit. Afraid of leaking heat exchanger,common defective on early models please reply

    26. We have had this unit since the end of May and I have yet to have hot water to wash pots and pans. If I’m lucky I get Luke warm. We have two different plumbing companies come out and the problem is still not resolved. Consequently I have a $3000.00 wall ornament that is not the least bit useful. I guess after your company sells one of these things even if it is faulty it’s to bad so sad for the purchaser. My husband called the help line and they were anything but that. Problem not resolved.

    27. I have a navien
      Np-240a and when we shower the water temp cycles from hot to cold the whole time. Just keeps going back and forth. Makes very hard to shower. Any suggestions. Randy

    28. I’m in the same boat as Michael Belch (May 2017). Hot water just stops for all faucets. Powering the unit on/off fixes the issue but it eventually happens again. With such a sporadic issue, there’s no way to show someone that it’s broken or otherwise operating this way. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    29. I have put some of the ch 210 nat asme combi boilers in and the ch240 nat asme model combi boilers with the hi temp upgrade boards and hi temp exhaust kits . And I put the water descaler and softener filter before the cold inlet and cold water auto feed . Problems with only one of the ch210 nat asme so far and it was the air inlet filter was plugged up for combustion air. But if you have system installed and serviced by the book they usually work and operate awesome . Problem replacing 3 way valve I can see by location of parts and how tight of a fit and many clips and screws of various sizes and styles . The hot water shut off ball valve union nut is a pain in the ass to get screws out at least the 2 that hold the brass threads base to the plastic base of the 3 way valve as it comes new .The union nut makes it take forever to take apart and put back together . Troubleshooting sites on the internet and you tube videos and online service and repair parts and manual online you can blow up the parts breakdown illustrations to show which style retainer clips go where and what parts go where .A bag with parts breakdown and spare orings and gaskets .What I’m trying to say issues are usually a installation error that’s causing issues with the navien combi boilers .The newest ncb combi boilers put parts you can change easier and always put those descaler softener filters in line before cold water inlet and auto feed .And service as manual says and new combi boilers will work awesome for many years .

    30. My Navian (installed 2008) has a problem where the hot water goes off. As soon as i flip the on/off switch it comes back on and is fine for a few days, then does it again. It always comes back on. also, the hot water sometimes gets very hot.

    31. Currently been without hot water and heat for 5 days, service tech now saying it will be another 3 days to get more parts, and even those may not work. Got error Code 019 to check thermistor on Sunday. Tech comes Monday but doesn’t have any parts. Shows back up Wednesday, replaces 2 parts, error code clears, unit won’t function. Comes back Thursday and Friday with more parts, unit still won’t function. Now says he’ll need to replace the motherboard (of course, none are on hand) and he hopes to come back Monday, but he doesn’t even think that will fix it. Unit has always been slow to provide hot water upstairs and now we’ll be without any heat for over a week, this thing is junk, as is the service.

    32. I have a navien npe-240a.If a second hot water faucet is turned on the hot water flow goes down on the first faucet creating cold showers. anyone have any ideas to fix??

    33. I have a Navien 240A installed in 2015 and have had over 12 service calls in the last year, many things have been replaced even the entire inside tank still having all the problems. please keep me posted on the CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE

    34. Update, after the technician from the heating company left, I took the maintenance manual and follow the instruction, one of the first thing to do, is clean the DHW water inlet filter.After following instructions, found the DHW filter clogged about half way, cleaned and replaced, steady hot water. The conclusion here is that the service was never perform by the technician and the second tech had no experience with the unit and the tech at Navien was of no real hep to him or myself.I guess I will be doing the service in the future.

      The issue I have now is, the DHW takes a longer time than when the unit was first installed.
      I will go through Navien Service manual again to see if I have missed anything.

      I am willing to listen to any answers

    35. We’ve had a Navien for 7 years and have had minor, easily fixed issues. nothing i coulnd’t fix myself while on the phone with their techs. THe heat is terrific and we live in a place that can have -40C temperatures and the inlet water is in the low single digits Celsius. Two people can shower at once while someone does the dishes. I’d never go back to a tank hot water heater.

    36. Navien Tankless Water Tank was install in 2014, have never really function up to my expectation, but after spending thousands of dollars, lets give the unit a chance to prove itself, I am very dissapointed, we finally got use to the motor starting, taking off, matter of conditioning, like living by the fire house or by the railroad.

      The first issue was no domestic hot water, only heat, the pluming service replace the 3-way valve, been working since, really not happy with the system.
      had maintenance done a few weeks ago.Now we have intermittent hot water with a strange noise which is intermittent also, tech was here for hours,noise never happened. Navien Service told tech service the unit needs to be descaled. I don’t think so, still have intermittent domestic hot water service.Unit sounds like it is working normal, with no error codes.

      I do have service manual,and there is no mention about descaling, after spending hours with the service manual 5.28.2 Hot Water page 109. I have narrowed the problem down to the heat exchanger, (water inlet to exchanger very hot, water outlet starts out hot, then go luke warm,never gets hot again, while the inlet remain very hot). the flow sensor could be the problem also or the needs PC board replacement. I have decided that I will not spend anymore money on this unit, we will live with the problem until the unit drop dead, then proceed from there. Will look at going back to a tank unit.If I decide to keep the unit I will try to do their 2 day course in ew Jersey, with my Engineering background, the course should be a snap

      After reading all the issues and my own personal issues with the Navien Tankless water Tank, would not recommend at this time. I do have mixed feelings with the Techs at Navien, because I know they are following a troubleshooting script. I do just as good or better with the service manual.

      Anyone have answers , willing to listen

    37. A tankless hotwater heater is a bad idea in cold weather areas. After two years of VERY slow hot water flow, we had a regular high efficiency tank installed. Because of the way the Navien was installed, we ended up having to leave it in the flow – then 3 days before Christmas the flow control valve shut down and won’t let any water through at all. I am still angry at Neil Kelly Company for talking us into installing this – it may be a good idea in California or Arizona, but it is a terrible idea in the Northwest.

    38. Installed a ch240 in my parents house in 2008 (my first navien and tankless install) along with a radiant retrofit on the 1st floor. The unit has worked flawlessly (1 dirty flow sensor in 8 years=perfect to me). I have since installed about 40-50 of the dhw and combi units and I have 0 complaints. I’m guessing most of these issues stem from improper plumbing/failure to read instructions/do your homework. I have seen a lot of shoddy installations that caused the unit to fail. The newer naviens are excellent pieces of equipment that, for me, have little to no call back issues as compared to other manufacturers.

    39. I can’t agree more with the comment to “Stay away from Navien water heaters”
      They are the absolute low end in reliability. Lets just call them what they are JUNK!!!

      I will be buying a different brand as I cant afford to repair this CR210 unit anymore.

      had this POS for six years and it has worked properly for 1/2 that time.

      Lets be real, no matter what model you buy from Navien there all going to give you issues.


    40. Stay away from Navien Water Heaters

    41. I’ve installed over 250 Navian tanklesses in 3 years and only have had 1 bad one. I used the nr models and now the npe models which are better. If your having problems the either the dip switches aren’t right or its installed incorrectly.

    42. I have same problems with my Navien boiler. Why they sell this products to the market!!!

    43. I have CR210 acquired together with the house.
      WAV was leaking and replaced. I had System was flushed for another $99 and paid Accuserve over $400.00. Three months later the hot water tap cuts out a few times trying to bring up the hot water temp with more water used. If I had known these problems I would have never had spent any money on it. I would have gotten something better even go with the tank type. Now more money to have them look at it.


    44. we have a navien 210 unit that has never worked right after the first 6 months of use we have over $3000.00 in repairs, in the unit we are going to rip it out and put in another brand with a company that has a better reputation of backing up their product ,we are considering starting a class action suit against navien it is in the attorneys hands now to see if it is worth the trouble.

    45. i have a cr-210a ng.when the power flickers and i try to get hot water tankless wont fire up.i have unplugged unit and plug back in a couple hours later it will start working any ideas what to check

    46. Navien comp water/heat:

      I have a Navien water and heat boiler this boiler had giving me problems every winter . But this one is the worst usually I just unplug it and plug it back about 30 sec it shuts off and 2E comes up . I have cleaned the whole system took filters out and cleaned still . Same problem only few hours later , can any answer this problem . Thank you

    47. I have a Navien water and heat boiler this boiler had giving me problems every winter . But this one is the worst usually I just unplug it and plug it back about 30 sec it shuts off and 2E comes up . I have cleaned the whole system took filters out and cleaned still . Same problem only few hours later , can any answer this problem . Thank you

    48. In February ‘15 we installed a NCB-240 hot water combi boiler. We also installed the recommended hydraulic separator manifold. The house is a vacation home in northern lower Michigan, an area where there are no authorized Navien installers, so my wife and I installed it ourselves. Everything worked fine. However, the pump inside the unit runs continuously, even though it is summer and there is no call for heat. The manifold is always hot on both return and supply sides and the burner fires up intermittently. This issue does not involve the domestic hot water part of the boiler. The house is mostly vacant and in order to save energy I’ve turned off the power to the unit. When we need domestic hot water we have to turn the unit on.

      My question is whether the heating function of the Navien combi boiler can be turned off while leaving the DHW on?

    49. My navien has been nothing but trouble, sounds like a diesel truck running, loud banging noises and I’ve spent enough on repairs to offset any savings on energy, next time going back to regular tank water heater at least no repairs for at least 10 years stay away from them.

    50. My understanding is that the NPE models have fixed some of the problems and there are a lot of bad installers as well. I had to have the bad install of my Navien 210A-NPE redone(intake vented inside garage, exhaust not vented to code, condensate line too small, etc.) but even the re-installer, who is really good and has installed a number of these units, can’t figure out why, after he put a check valve on the cold water inlet, the fan comes on when the toilet flushes or cold water from a faucet comes on. The only way around this right now is to turn the cold water inlet valve going into the Navien off unless I’m using hot water. He’s calling Navien after the weekend to see what they can tell him. It would certainly help if the diagnostics on the front panel were in the installation manual.

    51. I was looking at buying a new Navien NPE240S, however after reading the level of satisfaction with the Navien product, I am now reconsidering.
      Thank you

    52. If anyone out there hears of a class action legal action against navies let me know. I’m in.

    53. water will heat up then turn cold and the flow will slow to a trickle . model # cr- 20080411-1016 installed by pro solutions in 2008 . Please help I am almost ready to give up on this unit. this unit has had many repairs & costs.

    54. I have a 240S installed recently which has a “WAV” (water adjustment valve) that buzzes intermittently when the unit is not making water. It is so loud it will wake up people at night, so for now it is plugged into a time clock. Navien tech support and authorized service have looked at it, and the response is “no trouble code, no repair”. But plumbers with Navien experience say the noise is excessive. I apparently can’t even buy this part on my own dime to replace it just to find out if it is the nature of the beast, and if so, the term would fit. Some suggest all kinds of installation modifications to insulate the noise, yet the instructions nor reputation of Navien suggest this. So I wonder if anyone else has this problem, and if they were able to resolve it? It is a shame, because otherwise it performs great, and the draft fan is very quiet. I’ve never heard this noise at anyone else’s house with a tank-less heater.

    55. I have water in my exhaust how to correct

    56. I can’t believe that you are selling Navien products again after the fiasco with their CR 180. I have had nothing but problems with my unit ( iam in a townhouse project with approximately 300 dwelling units – all with Navien tankless water heaters). of the many neighbours that I have spoken to they all agree that the Navien CR 180n is junk . the latest issue with mine is that the pump is not strong enough to circulate the water through the heat exchanger and the storage tank. I am finally biting the bullet and getting another manufacturers product ( only because there is insufficient room for a furnace and a separate water heater) with some luck I wont have similar issues with the new product

    57. The problem causing error code ” 45 ”
      Light flashing from green to red.

    58. The rumbling like a jet plane problem is because the gas pressure at minimum / max flows is not properly adjusted.

      There is a long section in the Navien CH service manual that describes what to do – it requires a manometer.

      You can find the manual by googling for it.

    59. I have a Navien CR-180. I replaced the flow sensor yesterday. It worked great for about 4 hours. I am now having the internal breaker pop every time there is a call for hot water. Any ideas?

    60. our Navien has been a thorn in our flesh for two years….we’ve had ..Navien reps…pro’s.. repairmen back and forth ad nausieum….and of course now the thing is not under warranty…Question?…of course why isn’t there a class action law suit…and just how long does it take before Navien steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for their shoddy units..

    61. Selling them again? Really? I have one I would love to sell someone. Another 365.00 plumbing bill today and the tech has to come back out to replace a board that was just replaced a year or so ago. You are a total idiot in you buy a Navien in my opinion. By the time you figure in all the plumbers i have paid to work on their junk I have almost paid for the unit twice. Want a nice hot shower in the morning don’t buy a Navien I can see why plumber like them. Job security!

    62. Navien Tankless water heaters are a joke! After 5 yrs of issues with valve issues , flow sensors , cleaning unit etc They now say its my water ( city water) Tech support would not send water results to me . Would not have supervisor speak to me , And when attorney is mentioned they say you need to talk to corporate . Terrible service and tank

    63. My Navien has a red light appear. Seems like the thermometer is not working. Unplug and plug back in helps for awhile but continues to be a problem. Don’t see any error messages. Any advice?

    64. Dean:

      I’m dealing with a navien that rumbles
      Sounds like a jet is taking off in the mechanical room
      Sounds like it’s going to rumble off the wall. I replaced the air pressure switch
      I’ve also check gas pressures
      All seems good
      I’ve spent numerous hours on the phone with Natalie and tech-support to no avail
      I’ve now got word of one or two other naviens with the same issues
      Any advice or insight would be much appreciated

    65. I have an Navien tankless water heater. Error 021 keeps coming up. This says its the thermiter is open or bad how do I check this. We unplug the unit and plug it back in this works for a little bit then the error shows up again.

    66. I’m dealing with a navien that rumbles
      Sounds like a jet is taking off in the mechanical room
      Sounds like it’s going to rumble off the wall. I replaced the air pressure switch
      I’ve also check gas pressures
      All seems good
      I’ve spent numerous hours on the phone with Natalie and tech-support to no avail
      I’ve now got word of one or two other naviens with the same issues
      Any advice or insight would be much appreciated

    67. Think I may have found someone but not specifically Navien trained – just good mechanical heating experience. I have written to Navien to get their blessing to use this company so as not to void my Navien warrenty. Calgary’s cold winter sure showed that the original contractor had no experience with Navien combi-units and air handlers. We have a major retro-fit to do now. Anyone having similar problems in Calgary please contact me and let’s see what we can do.

    68. KM:

      Ken Robertson:

      I am in Calgary and have a Navien T-Creator Combi unit which provides hot water and heat via two air handlers. It was installed by EnMax Energy who got out of its heating business less than a year later – and told their customers to deal directly with Navien. While Navien’s telephone support line has been of some help they can only do so much from afar. After a number of false starts and hundreds of wasted dollars on ineffective service calls, I need to find someone who is Navien trained and has actually worked on a Navien NAVCH240NG unit. Send me a note if you are in Calgary and experiencing similar issues. Thanks.

      I am looking at a similar unit. Navien NAVCH240NG unit in Calgary. Wondering you found anyone.

    69. I purchased a navien 240 combi boiler-biggest mistake ever! It’s 3 years old and shuts off randomly without throwing any error needs to be unplugged and plugged back in for it to work. I have had plumbers contact techs for support and parts have been replaced but the problem persists. I have contacted navien techs myself but they were very rude and refused to take responsibility for the faulty boiler..I hope this post helps dissuade people from buying this piece of crap!

    70. I have had a problem with the flow sensor jamming up about once a year. I just replaced the flow sensor and it isn’t correcting the problem. I see you suggest adding a 5 micron filter to the inlet. Can you suggest where I can find such a filter and how I should install it?

      I am in the Toronto area

    71. Ken Robertson:

      I am in Calgary and have a Navien T-Creator Combi unit which provides hot water and heat via two air handlers. It was installed by EnMax Energy who got out of its heating business less than a year later – and told their customers to deal directly with Navien. While Navien’s telephone support line has been of some help they can only do so much from afar. After a number of false starts and hundreds of wasted dollars on ineffective service calls, I need to find someone who is Navien trained and has actually worked on a Navien NAVCH240NG unit. Send me a note if you are in Calgary and experiencing similar issues. Thanks.

      I am looking at a similar unit. Navien NAVCH240NG unit in Calgary. Wondering you found anyone.

    72. I am in Calgary and have a Navien T-Creator Combi unit which provides hot water and heat via two air handlers. It was installed by EnMax Energy who got out of its heating business less than a year later – and told their customers to deal directly with Navien. While Navien’s telephone support line has been of some help they can only do so much from afar. After a number of false starts and hundreds of wasted dollars on ineffective service calls, I need to find someone who is Navien trained and has actually worked on a Navien NAVCH240NG unit. Send me a note if you are in Calgary and experiencing similar issues. Thanks.

    73. I can’t believe the horror that I am going threw. I brought a new house and it had a brand new Navien installed. I thought OMG! the best in the market. Well I was wrong!! I’ve had problems after problems, called a tech, plumbers and no one knows how to work with the system. No hot water or heat for over 2 weeks, below -3 degree outside and I have to buy another furnace. DO NOT BUY A NAVIER!!!

    74. Guys, if you really want to have a decent boiler please buy Viessmann or Buderus (german brand hey) or Saunier Duval. Navier is far away behind on what european brands are capable to provide.
      Best regards,

    75. On the error code list, 001E. In full solutions, both options give the Power on diagram. What is the 001E solution? Also, E003 Scenario 1 will not open. What is this scenario?
      Thank you for the Error Codes; this is fabulous info.

    76. Sounds like the tech that is working on your unit has no clue what he is doing. These are simple units to work on if you know what you are doing. A lot of issues with these units is improper installation or setup, or poor maintenance.We have a school that has 64 units in one building all work good. Call navien yourself say hey my unit has a 10e code and they will walk you through it or ask them for the closest nss techs #


      We still have no resolution to our unit’s problems. No hot water for 3 of the last 6 days again with intermittent heat though. The repair tech is stumped. The unit says Error # 10 and the tech equipment says #21. Why the difference and they say they’ve replaced any part that could be defective. There is no one in their company employe that can resolve this or so it seems. I repeat, never buy a Navien!

    77. 10e is either the inlet air filter is clogged try to run it with out the main cover on it. The condensate trap may also be plugged at the bottom of the unit you’ll see a round white piece with a steel clip holding it in pull it out and rinse it out and reinstall. Then unplug and plug back in. The inlet filter screen is on the 3″ pipe connection on the left hand side


      We still have no resolution to our unit’s problems. No hot water for 3 of the last 6 days again with intermittent heat though. The repair tech is stumped. The unit says Error # 10 and the tech equipment says #21. Why the difference and they say they’ve replaced any part that could be defective. There is no one in their company employe that can resolve this or so it seems. I repeat, never buy a Navien!

    78. We still have no resolution to our unit’s problems. No hot water for 3 of the last 6 days again with intermittent heat though. The repair tech is stumped. The unit says Error # 10 and the tech equipment says #21. Why the difference and they say they’ve replaced any part that could be defective. There is no one in their company employe that can resolve this or so it seems. I repeat, never buy a Navien!

    79. I bought a Navien 2years ago next month. Never again! I have paid enough in cost and repairs to have bought at least three conventional units. Navien is not worth the time and energy we’ve put into this!

    80. I had a CR-180A for 18 months in a new house, and finally got rid of it 9 months ago. It would constantly shut down. Once it shutdown for hrs. and magically restarted. The last straw was when it shutdown on Sat of the labour day weekend, and there was no one to service it. The people the builder used didn’t have a clue about how it worked or how to fix it. We had no choice when the house was being built. We know have a Rinnai, and it works flawlessly. I wish we had a choice before, but i sure know a lot more about tankless hotwater heaters than i used to. We had to eat the cost of a new one, but hot water is a must with four people. i’m glad we did in the end.

    81. We have a CR-240A unit installed about 2 years now. Couple weeks ago we had water leakage, problem was the hot water inlet elbow joint with thermistor near the heat exchanger, part started leaking. Got it fixed and just a week ago the other elbow out of the heat exchanger for the hot water started leaking. Called tech services discovered that if your unit has grey elbows with the thermistors, the part is defective something to do with the manufacturer’s choice of plastic compound. New replacement kits available which use a black plastic elbow fitting. Tech services really helpful.

      However the customer services department totally suck, you call and leave messages and they don’t tend to return the calls. Also the parts department can not seem to read their packing slips properly, the QA/QC is pretty much none existent. In both instances when the parts were shipped the order arrived without the O-Ring kits….how do they expect the plumbers to replace inline piping components without new replacement O-Rings!!! Also, if someone in the shipping depart could read the packing slip and did a simple parts count they would have discovered the missing components…total disaster.

      In hind sight it would have been better to wait for this product to be out in the market with strong after sales support and local stocking of parts supply. We have been without hot water now coming up 2 weeks due to the poor customer service in the shipping department. Another incident with this water heater and we are about to rip the unit out and replace with one with better local repair support, stay tuned to UTUBE cause if it goes this way you will see a Navien unit trashed beyond believe.

      Pity as the unit worked great until the water leakage occurred but the lousy customer service and turn around time to get components from the factory as local plumbing shops don’t appear to stock the heater’s components. Oh and by the way, this is costing us money as this time we had to demobilize and mobilize the plumber who charges us his time for this!

      Maybe our problems is due to us living in Canada but thank God the leakages are occurring in our summer time, would hate to think what would happen if this occurred in the winter! Would have definitely trashed this unit sooner if it was in the winter, 2 weeks without hot water just doesn’t cut it.

    82. Hi, I have had this Navien for the past 2yrs and today it just shut itself off. I opened the cover and saw water on the cover. I wiped the water off and turned it back on. It feels like it is leaking water from somewhere and I dont see it. The water was actually getting onto the circuit breaker and that is why it was turning itself off. Any suggestions will help as next few days Iam having a prayer function at my house.

    83. My Navien water unit is leaking like a Waterfall!
      Its been a little over a year and its flowing buckets!!!!
      its really frusturating it started flowing a couple hours ago, we have hot water but barely anymore, it just does not STOP!!!
      I called the helpline and not to mention the customer service was terrible the guy on the line was so rude and impatient, he bluntly informed us to call a plumber and that was it!!
      Can someone PLEASE help with this situation

    84. We have Navien unit, model CR-210A

      It was working fine for 3-years, however recently the water heater just turns off and we are getting an error on display screen “$”

      when we turn off the fuse and turn it back on then the water heater works again temporarily and then again the error comes on and the water does not get heated.

      Anyone know what the issues is?


    85. We have a CR-180 unit, which seems to be working fine at the moment, but it does drip water every 3-4 seconds.

      The leak appears to be coming from behind the right side of the heat exchangers and is dripping on the Gas pressure sensor (GPS) and leaking out the bottom onto the floor.

      Any ideas on what could be causing the problem/how to fix it would be most welcomed.

    86. Did you ever solve this issue? We have had ours for 5 months, and the smell is still there, but a little less pungent.


      From the time my Navien NR was installed the hot water has a metallicy smell and no one has an answer. It’s been in for 3 months, so the newness is broken in.

    87. I was at my breaking point last night. Three error code 003’s in the same day – while cleaning up after dinner and not having hot water within 5 minutes (what a waste) so I went down to the water heater to find it on error code 3. Shocker!

      So I unplugged it, waited 20 seconds and then plugged it back in. I got out my meat thermometer, my cell phone that records video and went to town. Yes, the hot water came on within 60 seconds and hit the setting of 110 degrees, but climbed steadily to 115, 124, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 160 and up to 162 degrees and then back to 115 only to recycle again and again and again up to 162 for 7 minutes. during my shower this morning I found the same issue – this is dangerous – have you ever showered at 160 degrees? Good thing my young children weren’t showering.

      I sent the video to the plumbing company that installed it and today I have a brand new Navien installed. Let’s hope it works correctly. Two years of grief, $3800 gone along with my sanity. If it doesn’t, then the video is going viral. People need to be informed. We were trying to be environmentally conscious but this product does not hold up over time.
      The Navien rep originally told the plumbing company that the issue was with the regulator on the gas meter – so we had the utility company come out and replace the regulator. Nothing worse than passing the blame and trying to hide the products known flaws. Shameless.
      OK so Joe the rep from navien came out to my house and confirmed what my plumber already knew-the gas valve was faulty on the second unit also. Joe decided that upgrading my180 to a 240 was the only solution. lo and behold! HOT WATER! Joe did this upgrade and installation at no further cost to me. So, in closing, if this unit does not fail me, I will be a very satisfied customer of this product. I do recommend however, that you do not install the 180, as that unit seems to be the one with all the issues. Thanks again to Joe for his excellent customer service.

    88. OK so Joe the rep from navien came out to my house and confirmed what my plumber already knew-the gas valve was faulty on the second unit also. Joe decided that upgrading my180 to a 240 was the only solution. lo and behold! HOT WATER! Joe did this upgrade and installation at no further cost to me. So, in closing, if this unit does not fail me, I will be a very satisfied customer of this product. I do recommend however, that you do not install the 180, as that unit seems to be the one with all the issues. Thanks again to Joe for his excellent customer service.

    89. OK so Joe from Navien is trying to fix my problem…if he does AND it lasts I will re-post a better review…..please stand by.

    90. piece of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 months of inconsistent hot water!!!!! enough is enough—going to get a different brand.

    91. Well I’m back on this site because we are on our 3rd issue and 2nd flood thanks to the replacement water pipe adapter A90 degree fitting leaking! I have SO had it with this company. You are right, they are only replacing the pieces and by the time you pay your plumber to come, dry out the carpets, replace them and repaint they BREAK AGAIN! So, now we’re back to no hot water for god knows how long. DO NOT BUY NAVIEN. Any company that has been so slow to address major issues with new units for customers, who are incurring HUGE costs and personal time dealing with the damage their faulty units have caused, and to have them replace the faulty parts with more faulty parts doesn’t deserve any customers. They should be sued for their pathetic excuse for customer service.

    92. We purchased a Navien CR-180(A) in Jan/09. The experience was a veritable nightmare. Constant failure and
      even when operational, delivered hot and cold water during use. We run a small B&B operation, guests were greatly inconvenienced and complained constantly during the one season this thing was installed.
      We complained continuousle to the installer and kept a running record of every instance of failure. Eventually, it was replaced in it’s entirety by Navien in Dec/10. The new version, a Navien NR-180(A), was installed at no charge. Almost immediately we began to experience rumbles and vibrations when hot water was turned on. The installer replaced a short 1/2″ feed pipe with the recommended 3/4″.
      However, the problem remained. This is a serious safety issue, and have brought this to the attention of the installer, but the issued remains unresolved. Whether this is caused by delayed ignition or insufficient pressure I just cannot tell. I await further input from the installer. Not good — from what I have read, Navien is surely not a “Best Buy”.

    93. Bought a new house and it came with a Navien. I heard from friends that have Naviens to stay away from them but the builder said if there were problems they would take care of them.

      1 week after moving into the house, no hot water. Builder sent out the plumber and it turned out to be the flow sensor. 2 weeks later same thing. Christmas dinner same thing. After 8 weeks and 4-5 visits the plumber and builder agree that the system is junk and will be replacing it next week.

      I am totally impressed with the Builder and the Plumber. They really tried and went above and beyond to work with this piece of junk.

      If your new home has a Navien stay away!!! And I hope your builder has the integreity to replace it when it fails.

      And Navien, stop building your pieces out of cheap plastic and fix your design flaws!!!

    94. We had CC-180A installed in Oct 2009 and after a couple of weeks we had a flood and the water leaked all over the circuit board. Navien wouldn’t replace the unit only the parts. We are still having issues with the unit. It keeps tripping the GFI plug where it is plugged into. Its not the plug its the unit itself. The unit is installed at our cottage, and when it trips GFI it doesn’t work and neither does our furnace. We just happened to go there this weekend and the furnace never came on and it was 42 degrees in the cottage. Lucky that the pipes never froze. If this continues, and our pipes under up freezing, we will be taking legal action with Navien. Someone better figure out what the problem is. We have known from the first flood that it is the whole unit itself.

    95. For all of us Canadians who have purchased this $8000 + system, let’s do something that will hurt Navien where it counts – in the purse. I have read all these comments and have exactly the same problems – sure they’ll replace the parts that have been destroyed by faulty originals but so far I’ve spent over $500 in labour to correct this company’s mistakes…email me at I’m ready to go as far as I have to for compensation on a 2 year old product, but we need to make it hurt for them.. Who’s with me on this?

    96. I replaced 2 of my 50 gallon hot water tanks with 2 Navien units. One is 240A and the other is 180A, both natural gas. The installation was done in 2008. The first six months, both units worked well. I hooked them up to the external re-circulation mode as we have a big house (hence 2 heaters).

      The 240A had/has NO PROBLEMS. it runs great. I once did get a 003 error but once I reset the unit, it never came back.

      The 180A had SO MANY PROBLEMS similar to the ones everyone is describing in this forum. After 6 months of back/forth and fiddling around with PC boards, igniters, flow valves etc, Navien decided to replace the whole unit.
      Now we have a new 180A for the past 9 months and worked flawlessly. Yesterday it started giving me a Error 38. The tech support at Navien walked me through cleaning the flow valve (pretty simple if you are a handy person). The impellar in the flow valve is very tiny and delicate. All I did was blow on it a couple of time to make sure noth was stuck. It seemed like a little peice of black plastic was stopping the impellar. They are also sending me a new flow valve.

      IMHO the main issue with the units is the quality of the parts. A flow valve should not start getting dirty after 9 months of usage from municipal water. We even have a softner in our house so no cal buildup.

      I have rented the unit from Sears so I did not pay a lot for it but still have 8 years of rental left. Hopefully it will last.

    97. I wish I would have seen this before I got my Navien CR180a. We had a flow sensor issue just weeks before the 1 year anniversary (no hot water for 2 weeks) and 4 months later I was getting a GPS problem. So they sent me a new circuit board, GPS and tubing. I replaced all the pieces and now it wont heat past 120 F without going into violent shudders. The plumbing contractor has said it is a piece of $4!@ and has basically washed his hands of it saying I should phone navien to get a new one. Thanks to him for sucking me out of $3000.

    98. We got the NR-240A and have had some problems. First, the plumber didn’t program the pump to recirc and it took 3.5 min to get hot water. After programming, the pump will run, shut off, and come on again between 15 -45 seconds depending on conditions. Also, you can hear the motor run. It’s not real loud but annoying. Plumber worked on it with tech support (not much help) for 2 days to keep the pump from continuously running. They finally set the programming to run for 30 min. and rest for 1 hr. hoping that the water in the loop will stay warm enough. I’m not pleased with all this, but we are working with the plumber to see if he can resolve.

    99. I two have had many issues with the system CR240). Practically everything has been replaced except the one part (heat exchanger) that has to fail before Navien will replace the whole unit. This unit was installed when I purchased the home (Oct 2009). My plumbers have been very diligent at trying to solve the problems. If I had been part of the decision process I would not have bought from this company. I would base my purchase on quality of the product as well as installer expertise and his after service standard should issues occur.

    100. I have had my heater since 2008 and have had simmilar problems however Navien has been very good about replacing any parts asap by curier. Thay have also given me PO numbers to pick up parts from their retailers here in the city. I don’t know why everyone has had so many difficulties unless you just have no patience!! I think this company has had some bugs to iron out but I comend them for doing right when ever a problem exists. As far as the addapter I to had a problem with it and they replaced the whole unit for free. I am very happy I purchased this unit.

    101. Code 003E and 02.00
      I just encountered Code 003E and 02.00
      It would start up and try to light about 4 times. The flame was the size of a pencil to 3″ wide. then would shut down. Had the recommended gas pressure 6-8″ W.C. It ended up being a defective air pressure switch NASS9EX00009. after replacing switch all is working, hot water and heat.
      Thanks to Tec. support for helping find this.
      1 800 519 8794
      Thanks to a very patient customer, 5 days without hot water and heat.

    102. From the time my Navien NR was installed the hot water has a metallicy smell and no one has an answer. It’s been in for 3 months, so the newness is broken in.

    103. I have also had a flood in my basement from a 90 degree fitting in the Navien CR unit. We are in the process of trying to get a new unit but will probably go back to a regular water tank. I cannot believe a new unit that cost approx. $2000 would have so many defects. I actually have a burn mark on the inside cover which is even more scary. I have over $5000 worth of damage in my basement right now and not to mention I’m 9 months pregnant and due any day. Not happy at all!

    104. Im waiting for my plumber to perform miracles it seems after having/reading all the complaints about my navien tankless system. I hope more homeowners read this and dont trust their plumbers knowledge “DONT BUY NAVIEN”!!!! I want to take put an add in the local paper and inform potential consumers about this horrible product. DONT BUY IT!

    105. Navien, or rather the local distributor has been great at providing the free replacement parts (flow sensor and just today the 90 elbow fitting) which were easy to replace ourselves. But we had a recurrent issue that no-one could solve for 18 months – the machine would not run with the cover on. Today we realized the air inlet is close to the clothes dryer outlet, and a screen inside the heater was plugged with lint!

      Don’t hesitate to point out the obvious to your installers!

    106. I installed two Navien CR 240 and I have been trying to fix the water temperature, the vibration, the loss of water pressure, pumps and units constantly turning 24hrs a day and the noise is extremely loud. I had the service or the non service that I received. Definitely not a reliable company.

    107. If you take this as a business loss it may at least be tax deductable and we can look at getting you some Rinnai Tankless water heaters. You will never be happier as the Rinnai tankless are rock solid units.

    108. We are a builder and have had nothing but problems with this terrible system. We now have 4 houses that we are constantly sending the plumber to and are sick of it. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong – from plugged filters to icing problems on the outside, switches, – everything. We get calls every weekend. This system is ruining our reputation.

    109. do not buy navien 6 months no answers no repairs

    110. I work for plumbing outfit in Alberta and we have installed dozens of naviens do to housing companies specs. I don’t think there is one unit out there that we haven’t worked on or replaced the whole unit. Navien is a horrible company and they build a horrible product. We have installed dozens of Rinnai and Noritz units and have never been back to fix them, they seem to know how to build a tankless water heater. Navien should have bought one of those units and copied how they work. The time of the year we seemed to have the most problems was winter, not sure why. The company I work for got stiffed out of a lot of warranty money.

    111. the CR unit is not very good. Navian has re-designed their units to NR units. problems have been addressed and units are ver good now. I work as a tech for a service company . Rinnai is vary good but efficiency is not there unless you go with new 94i unit. I have no problem recommending navien newer units but only A models…

    112. I have a 240cr Iam on flow senser #3 and now this unit goes hot to cold ,hot to cold steady and now
      Ive heard enough of my wife telling me how much she enjoys her cold showers.!!!

      I now have a AO Smith vortex 90% ready to replace it.I would have gotten a standard tank but I no longer have a chimminy so Im Forced to buy Hi eff.

    113. The first generation Navien units are quite unreliable… It has definitely left a sour taste for a lot of consumers. The Navien tankless water heaters manufactured now are way more reliable. Rinnai has always done it right their tankless water heaters are by far the most reliable and trustworthy…. install it and forget it.

      Im sorry that your experience has been so negative.

    114. Give it some time, Navien has a great repair and troubleshooting system.

    115. I live in Ontario and had one installed less than 2 years ago that just started leaking, came home to find a minor flood on floor. Repairman said it was the Adapter A fitting and o-rings. It has been 4 days so far and still waiting for parts. Might just have to eat the cost and get a different make if this is going to be a problem child.

    116. Navien units are horrible. We’ve had one for just over a year and every time we call Navien techs they maintain any problems are our fault and not the unit’s problem. They refuse to honor work done on issues that occurred before the year labor warranty is up.

      In the year we’ve had the unit we have been without hot water at least every 3 months for approximately 1 week at a time including Thanksgiving for a week and Christmas.


      We are going back to a regular water tank.

    117. We have had the Navien since December 2008 and cost us $ 3,500.00 Canadian dollars. It has been nearly a constant problem. It was completely replaced some time ago by troubleshooters from CA. We live in Ontario, Canada where the temperatures drop well below zero in the winter time. We were told this unit is not designed for Canadian winters and our winter is a mild one compared to other Canadian provinces.

      It is sinful how much water is wasted in an attempt to get hot water especially given the places in the world where people walk for miles to get a bucket of water that isn’t safe to drink!

      We are fed up with the unit and if something isn’t done we’re considering suing the company that installed it as well as Navien. I can’t remember the last time we had a hot shower or water hot enough to do dishes without adding kettles of boiling water.

      My husband is the one that understands the mechanics of this unit. I do not. I just know I’m sick of it and am seriously considering going back to an ordinary hot water tank rental.

    118. We had a Navien CR unit installed and it has had the water flow sensor replaced then the circuit board replaced and now we have been flooded by a cracked water pipe adapter A 90 degree fitting. After these three completely different issues, way too many days without hot water and a fair financial investment in our plumber and previous contractor to get them resolved they will not replace the unit. Only continue to throw parts at it. We are very disappointed as it is only two years old.

      If anyone else is having problems with this Adapter A fitting would like to know.

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