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    We have been in this business for quite a while now and these are some of our feelings and issues…..

    If you’re out getting quotes for new tankless water heaters and some company or sales person quotes you anything less than 2000 dollars Canadian for the entire job parts & labor, watch out! It’s probably (and likely) to good to be true. There’s a good chance you’re going to be one of the next victim of “To good to be true pricing”. If you do end up having a problem it will cost you twice as much to correct the issue than it would have if you had if you had the unit installed correctly the first time.

    Don’t forget about the extra costs, a high quality tankless water heaters system designed for a small home will cost at least 1,200 dollars. You have additional costs also you need to consider when you have decided to make the purchase. Remember…..

    1. valve kit
    2. Gas line
    3. Exhaust piping
    4. Condensate pump
    5. Gas termination plates
    6. Strap hangers
    7. Water piping
    8. Brass, and copper fittings
    9. Electrical outlet (if there’s not one nearby)

    On top of that you have the labour, in general a Tankless should be able to be installed in half a day.

    The Discount Tankless Water Heater

    If a friend or someone you know says they can install a tankless water heater for a “few hundred bucks” remember its not a deal, these systems can be VERY specific in terms of gas or water pressure and it will probably end up costing you more to get a certified installer out to fix the job.

    If your father or father in law was a plumber in the Navy 40 years ago, please don’t let him install your tankless water heater!

    If a young relative or friend just got out of plumbing school, do not let them install your tankless water heater!

    If your getting estimates for a new tankless water heater, and the installer cannot show you at least one picture of a previous tankless water heater installation he or she did, do not hire that person as your installer.

    If the sales person shows up at your home and doesn’t bother to look around to make sure the installation will go by checking gas lines, venting location, installation site, etc do not let that person install your new tankless water heater!

    Please Note: Tankless water heaters often cannot be installed due to building and plumbing codes in Ontario and Canada, additionally there are specific manufacturing requirements all installs must meet.

    The units they offer provide the least hot water on the market.  Nearly 65% of all tankless water heater bought from Home Depot were returned (2008 – 2009 figure).  People think they’re getting a “good deal” but they most likely will end up with major headaches.

    Leave tankless water heaters to the pros.

    We install Tankless in Toronto, Tankless in Hamilton, Tankless in Mississauga, Tankless in Etobicoke, Tankless in Richmond Hill, Tankless in Markham, Tankless in Bolton, Tankless in Rexdale, Tankless in Brampton and many other locations.

    Follow this link and see if a tankless can even be installed in your home and if it can we can provide a Free quote on a tankless system for you.

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    1. My husband and I need to replace our water heater. It’s been going out for a while, and it finally just gave up. We need to make a decision soon, on what kind we want. Honestly, I didn’t know much about tankless water heaters, so this article was a huge help! It’s good to know what you need to have, and what the set up is.

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