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    Service Area

    Ontario is an extensive province with over 1 million square kilometers, in the continental US Texas is the largest state coming in at 6 hundred thousand square kilometer range. Our 4th largest province is nearly twice the size of the largest continental US state.

    Thus we have a difficult time providing tankless water heaters to all of Ontario never-mind the rest of Canada, but we try our best. Below is a map of our primary service area where we are able to complete home energy audits and provide service and installation. We are selling individual units with no installation and these can be shipped nearly anywhere but for the most part you may find a cheaper unit near your home. If you’re inquisitive though send us a quick email and we can provide a price and shipping quote.

    Energy Audits

    • Tan area – basically all of Ontario could be a week or more depends on where the next available auditor is.
    • Green area – roughly 2 to 5 business days
    • Pink area – usually within 1-3 days

    Tankless Unit only

    • We routinely have units shipped within the same day of purchase (it does depend on the unit requested and if its one we have in stock)

    Tankless Unit with Quote and Installation

    • Green Area –  We can usually have a guy out to do a preliminary inspection and solidify a quote within 2-4 days and installation in another few days
    • Red Area – Quote and installation is routinely completed in under a week

    Service Calls

    • We service  most of southern Ontario and can do emergency calls, depending on where our service techs are we can sometimes be at a customers house in under 30 minutes.

    See the contact page here (Contact Us) for more information on how we can be reached.

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