First Rinnai Condensing Tankless

    Rinnai Condensing Tankless

    Rinnai’s condensing water heating technology offers all of the lifestyle benefits of traditional tankless water heaters which includes continuous hot water and the ability to run multiple hot water appliances at the same time coupled with even greater energy savings. Rinnai’s unique condensing design incorporates two innovative heat exchangers to achieve optimum water heating value from every cubic foot of natural gas or propane, and the units are ENERGY STAR qualified. The condensing process delivers up to 95 percent thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to traditional gas tank water heaters. Available in four models, the condensing tankless water heaters are designed to meet the needs of mid to large sized homes and can be banked for even greater capacity. Like all Rinnai tankless water heaters, the condensing tankless water heaters contain commercial grade heat exchangers, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.Rinnai condensing tankless

    In addition to the units’ lifestyle and energy saving benefits, the Rinnai condensing tankless water heaters utilize a unique concentric venting system that is specifically designed for gas appliance venting. This results in an overall safer and easier to install product. The concentric venting design is a safer option for consumers due to the use of a polypropylene inner pipe, which is designed to withstand varying flue temperature conditions that may be experienced over the life of a product. Also, since Rinnai’s concentric venting system uses just one pipe that is fit and locked into place without glues or solvents with expandable gasket seals at pipe joints, the risk of gaps is virtually eliminated, further contributing to the safety of the system; plus, installers appreciate the simplified, quicker installation afforded by the single pipe.

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