Cleaning your Tankless

    Cleaning Your Tankless

    We get a lot of questions regarding the cleaning procedures on a tankless water heater, we have come up with a thorough document for you to follow. This document is in PDF format so you will need a PDF reader (they are free). You can download the document here DOWNLOAD – Download instructions to clean a tankless water heater.

    Alternatively if you would like offers a flush service for Southern Ontario

    Here is a little excerpt taken from the document in step 5.

    “When flushing is complete and before the lines are removed, verify that the purge port valves are closed and remain in this position. You can now remove the lines and reinstall the purge port valve caps, ensuring that the rubber washer is in the cap, and tighten. (NOTE: To prevent damage to the rubber sealing discs (washers), do not over tighten these caps.) ”

    Remember that Ontario and even Toronto for that matter has quite varying degrees of water hardness, owners of Tankless systes should be aware their particular situations and develop a schedule that reduces the amount of buildup in their tankless hot water heaters.

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