How Loud Is A Tankless Water Heater

    Tankless Sounds

    We have had a number of inquiries about how loud a tankless water heater is, how it compares to conventional water heaters and what appliance would it be on par with.

    First, tankless water heaters have basically a blower motor and a burner, nothing else would really make any noise. A power vented conventional tank water heater would have exactly the same components. We asked a few of our customers how they felt the noise level was and they all said that they didn’t notice a difference.

    As mentioned above if your old tank was power vented its very unlikely that a tankless is any louder than the system you had. If it was not power vented than the tankless would be a bit more noticeable in terms of volume.

    I would say in my opinion that a tankless would maybe be about as loud as a computer fan or maybe an electric can opener. Somewhere along that lines.

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    Author: John

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