Navien is the most Efficient

    Navien The Most Efficient

    Navien America, a subsidiary of the South Korean company Kyung Dyong Navien, is now manufacturing the most efficient tankless water heaters in the industry. These Energy Star-rated water heaters achieve energy factors (EFs) as high as 0.98 by using conventional and condensing heat exchangers to capture heat from flue gases as well as latent heat generated when water vapor in these gases condenses into liquid. Adding to the units’ efficiency are dual microprocessors that use data from air and gas pressure sensors to ensure a proper fuel-to-oxygen ratio for optimum combustion, even when there are long vent runs or fluctuating gas pressure.

    How could we recommend anything else…. Click on the link above to fill out the form and get a price for a Navien in your home.

    Navian – Making the most efficient tankless water heater in the market today.

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