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    Live Tankless Water Heater Help

    We get tonnes of emails everyday regarding tankless water heaters, installation, costs associated and grant rebates.  In an effort to provide faster and more direct contact to people we have installed a new live help feature.  It should be located in the bottom corner of your screen and if you have any questions just type them in and you will get an immediate response. 

    Feel free to ask our representatives anything, as they are well versed in the ontario and Canadian grants as well as tankless water heater specifications.  Even if they dont know, someone in the office is bound to have an answer.

    If were not online feel free to fill out one of the request forms and we will get back to you (usually within 24 hours) Form HERE.  Remember information is always free.

    Author: John

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    1. Can you tell me what makes of tankless water heaters work well with a hot water solar collector?

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