Tankless Installation Time

    How long is it going to take to install a new tankless water heater?

    There really isn’t a simple time frame that can be stated because no two installs are the same. Everyone’s home is unique and this means that install times are different for every home. If you have a tankless system and are replacing it (far and few between) the tankless install will be relatively quick as most of the pipes and the gas line will be in the right vicinity.

    If you are moving from a conventional hot water tank to a tankless water heater then it will take at least a few hours. These are a few of the required tasks of an install crew

    • Drain and remove old conventional water tank
    • Find a make a hole for new tankless water heater vent system
    • Mount tankless to wall
    • Move hot and cold water lines from old tank to the new tankless
    • Move gas line to new tankless, gas line may need to be upgraded to provide higher BTU’s
    • Plumb all joints, new lines and gas and check for leaks
    • Run hot water to confirm tankless water heater has correct performance

    This is a very short rundown of the installation process, it is much more detailed and requires more time than you might expect. All tankless water heaters have very specific details as to where and how they are vented. This does place a bit more work on the installer as they have to ensure that their installation meets all codes.

    All and all a new tankless installation will run anywhere from a few hours to an entire day. For the majority of situations it is rare for a tankless to take more than half of a day to install. So I would suggest to budget about 4 hours for the installers to finish their work.

    Author: John

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