Navien Condensing Tankless 98%

    Navien Condensing Tankless 98%

    Navian tankless water heaters are rated at up to 98% efficiency; this is achieved through a process called condensing. This is the highest rated condensing tankless available on the market today. As a result if the Navian’s high efficiency an average house can expect to save about 40$ additional over a conventional non condensing tankless Water heater. Compare it to a conventional tank type water heater and you could potentially save more than 160$. Efficiency is the key for the future, we need to get more out of what we now have less of. 98% of the energy used in this Navian unit actually works to heat water and is not just blown out the exhaust vent.  The chart should help to determine what size of Navien tankless water heater you might need to meet your home/familys domestic hot water needs.

    Navian has now moved to dual stainless steel heat exchanges in its tankless water heaters, they claim that this material offers 20 times more corrosion resistance and increased condensation damage. The Navien Tankless water heaters are also employing a new air pressure sensor that senses incoming and oxygen and can compensate for long vent runs to maximize efficiency in the combustion chamber.

    Navien has also updated their website so check it out here. Visit Navien’s Website

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