Grant Money Increased By 25%

    25% more for a new Tankless

    Part of the government’s economic action plan is to boost the eco energy retrofit program that is currently running. The government has increased all available grant money for energy efficient retrofits by 25%. Additionally the program has been expanded with a 300 million dollar increase in funding over the next two years.

    You can download the new PDF here

    Initially the program gave home owners 18 months to complete all retrofits, perform the E audit and submit files for rebates. This has now been extended and homeowners that are past their 18 month time frame can still perform retrofits and get access to additionally grant money by performing a F-audit.

    This is really significant for The Tankless Hot Water Guide as the additionally grant money will further reduce the cost of tankless water heaters for consumers. A tankless with an efficiency of .82% or better will get you 630$ in rebate money. If you decide to go with a condensing tankless water heater the grant money is even better (.94% efficiency or better) this will net you a 750$ cheque from the government.

    You cant find a better time to get go out and get a tankless water heater.

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