Renting a Tankless Water Heater

    For a lot of people in Ontario renting your water heater is something you have always done with a charge of roughly between 10$ and 20$ a month. Companies that provide this service (for the most part) put in low end tanks so that their return on investment is only a few years. The problem is that low end tanks are energy hogs and consume copious amount of power. The company you rent it off of doesn’t care about efficiency as they are not paying the bills, thus the problem.

    Renting a Tankless Water heater is going to be more expensive on a monthly basis but the savings it produces more than outweigh the additional cost. Remember a Tankless water heater is the top of the line water heating system, if it’s a Navien (or Navian which is often spelled incorrectly) you will be getting 98% efficiency. A Rinnai will produce great savings with lots of hot water and very reliable service. These units are the best there is for residential hot water demands.

    The rental fees are almost identical from all companies that are offering rental tankless systems in Ontario and the greater Toronto area. On average you will be looking at between 32$ and 50$ per month for the rental water heater. You will also be getting the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong the unit will be replace or fixed.

    The Tankless Hot Water Guide rents tankless water heaters if you are interested in renting a tankless system please fill out the form below and we will have a representative contact you.

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