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    Tankless Government Grants

    Currently the Ontario and Canadian government are giving rebates to households in Ontario that upgrade their conventional water heaters to either a state or a tankless water heater (I realize that state tanks have not really been explained so I will make a point to do a synopsis on them this week). The provincial (Ontario) will give 250$ for any tankless water heater that is installed, the federal government will match that offer which totals the rebate to 500$. This is a good chunk off the purchase and installation of a tankless water heater. State tanks are eligible for 300$ from the federal government and another 300$ from the Ontario government totaling 600$.

    Additionally if you live in the Enbridge territory they are offering 300$ off your gas bill for any new tankless water heater installation in your home. Enbridge’s territory consist of most of southern Ontario. Their service territory includes these cities referenced below and a number of others but it would be too long to list:

    • Barrie
    • Bolton
    • Brampton
    • Caledon
    • Metro Toronto
    • Mississauga
    • Newmarket
    • Richmond Hill
    • Whitby

    Ontario has a unique market where a significant portion of hot water tanks are rented. As the market for tankless hot water tanks begins to penetrate households there has become a strong demand for rental units for these systems as well. If you decide that renting is a better idea than outright purchasing you are still entitled to the rebates that are offered from both the government and from Enbridge.

    There is a small catch though; to prove that you have upgraded you water heating system the Ontario government requires that a homeowner get an energy audit. This is a thorough evaluation of your home and its overall efficiency. Once the first audit is completed, you, the homeowner are sent the results of your audit (SAMPLE REPORT). Now that this is completed you have 18 months to make any renovations, or get your tankless hot water tank installed. After the renovations have been completed you need to get a second audit which will validate that all upgrades have been completed and grant cheques will be sent. Looking for an audit? we can put you in touch with a certified eco energy evaluation company.  FIND OUT MORE

    This is a bit of a complicated process but if you are looking to upgrade even a few things there are rebates from the Ontario government for almost anything that will make your home more energy efficient.

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    1. I just had a company install a Natural Gas Tankless Hot Water Tank in January 2024 (they removed the existing Natural Gas Storage Hot Water Tank). Just found now about the possibility of “grants” but I did not do any of the audits you mention in this post (it says you need to do one before the installation and then again after the installation. Is it too late to try and do the audits?

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