Solar and a Tankless

    Solar And A Tankless Heater

    There is starting to become a buzz around solar hot water systems. If you have a good, knowledgeable contractor a solar water system can work quite well with a tankless hot water heater.

    Here are a few of the advantages that you can expect when combining the two systems.

    1. The preheated water coming from the solar water heating system will increase the flow of hot water out of a tankless unit. The reason is due to the fact the tankless has to heat pre-warmed water reducing the necessary temperature rise. The amount of hot water a tankless can provide depends on the input temperature. The greater the temperature rise necessary the slower the water can travel through the heat exchanger and the slower the output flow. Incoming water at 45F vs. 70F vs. 100F will have very different results on the output of a tankless system.

    2. The water is already warm or even hot from the solar rays before entering the tankless unit and therefore the added wait time associated with a tankless unit can be reduced or even eliminated.

    3. Its important when combining a tankless and solar water heater to consider a tankless unit that recognizes incoming temperature as well as outgoing and is able to fully modulate its burner (therefore only burning the necessary amount of gas to raise the temperature to the appropriate amount).

    4. With the right tankless unit and an appropriately sized solar system you may find that your tankless rarely need to run. In fact some people have found that their gas bills are now costing only a few dollars as opposed to a few hundred dollars.

    These Solar systems can be a little tricky in Ontario and Toronto as we have winter and the solar system (if it fails) could experience freezing. This would rupture the thermal cells in the collector rendering it ineffective. It may be necessary to use a glycol system to prevent freezing if electricity goes out. Your contractor should be able to provide all necessary info, or fill out the contact form and we can help.


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