Rheem Tankless water heaters

    Rheem Tankless water heaters

    Follow this company back and it is basically leads you to the founder of the modern day water heater “Edwin Ruud”. There is definitely a lot of history here and the company has several locations throughout the world. Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating units in North America. Rheem has a number of residential tankless hot water units to suit the various home water demands

    Rheem RTG2-42

    This system is rated at 4.2 gallons with a 45 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise, it would best suited for smaller applications. Rheem suggests that this tankless be installed in homes with only one bathroom.

    View Specifications Sheet – Click HERE

    Rheem RTG-53 Series

    There are 3 tankless systems in the 53 series but they’re all able to provide the same amount of hot water. Should you have a 45 Fahrenheit temperature rise this tankless would provide 5.3 gallons of hot water per minute. The difference in the three systems is the way they are vented; indoor direct vent, outdoor, and indoor power vent.

    View Specifications Sheet – Click HERE

    Rheem RTG-66 Series

    There are 2 tankless systems in the 66 series, you can select either an outdoor model or the indoor direct vent. This tankless hot water heater is able to provide 6.6 gallons per minute at the standard 45 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise. This a new tankless series introduced by Rheem, they recommend these units for 2-3 bathroom homes.

    View Specifications Sheet for the Rheem RTG-66 tankless – Click HERE

    Rheem RTGL-74 Series

    This series of tankless water heaters is recommended for homes with three plus bathrooms. There are 3 different venting options and thus 3 different models. The 74 series tankless can provide 7.4 gallons per minute of hot water with the 45 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise.

    View Specifications Sheet for the Rheem RTGL-74 tankless – Click HERE


    All of the aforementioned models can be equipped with up to 3 remote temperature controllers enabling you to change water temperature from any room.
    These units are also expandable; Rheem offers what they call an easy link cable enabling two units to be connected together doubling the amount of hot water produced.

    Rheem also has several commercial Tankless water heaters but that’s for another post.

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    1. First of all ,i would like to thank you for putting this post.I have recently planned to buy a water heater and your article helped me select the right one. I bought the Rheem RTG-53 Series and it works extremely good.i’ll surely suggest my friends & relatives to choose your product.

    2. I know the national sales manager at Rinnai send us your contact info and I will pass it to him who will be able to send it to a dealer in your area.

      Take Care

    3. Good morning,

      Have you had the opportunity to compare the Rheem line versus the Rinnai? I am having difficulty locating a Rinnai installer in the Windsor area.


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