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    Can a home owner install a tankless hot water heater?

    We would not recommend a home owner to install their own tankless hot water heater. Tankless water heaters have strict venting codes that really need to be installed by a professional H.V.A.C company with certified technicians. Most of these units require direct (through the wall) venting with clearance regulations. Unit efficiency can greatly be decreased by insufficient/improper venting. With on demand gas units, gas piping and water pipes may need to be upgraded as well.

    Should I buy my tankless hot water heater, then call an installer?

    If you decide to purchase a hot water heater from a source other than your installer, you may be faced with warranty issues. Also, all required parts for a full installation, sufficient venting, pipe upgrading and safeties are not usually included when purchasing a unit. Most installers insist on supplying dealer brand units with their installations. This will benefit you, the homeowner, as installers are specifically trained for the brand they install and if required, there will be no warranty issues with parts under manufacturers’ warranty.

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