Descaling Your Tankless Hot Water Heater

    Have a Tankless hot water heater? You should consider descaling the system. Each manufacturer recommends a different technique so it is best to look at you particular units manual before you do anything. You should be able to find instruction manuals for 99 percent of the tankless systems out there on this site (email me if your is not here).

    Generally to preform the descaling process you would need to shut off the water and disconnect both the incoming and outgoing water pipes, also make sure to unplug the unit so that it doesn’t fire and try to heat the cleaning agent. If your tankless installer was reputable you will have isolation valves that make this task very quick and easy.  If not they can be installed but will cost roughly 2-3 hundred dollars. Using the isolation valves a small pump will push vinegar through the system for around 50-60 minutes. Personally we like to use the hoses from a washing machine on both the input and output valves. Using the same pump flush the system with some pure water to clear out the cleaning solution. Simply reassemble everything and plug the unit back in and you will be back in business with a noticeable jump in heating efficiency.

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    Please read your systems manual before preforming this procedure or call in some experts to help you out.  In fact we happen to be experts that do tankless cleanings.  Give us a call today to book or schedule a convenient time.


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    1. What’s a reasonable price to descale a tankless gas water heater that’s 4 years old.

    2. I’m on your website but am unable to find instructions on how to descale my Navien NCB-180 ,please advise . thank you

    3. I couldn’t find any instructions on your site for descaling a Navian water heater. Any suggestions?

      Many thanks.

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