Conventional Tank Thermal Images

    Hot Water Tank Thermal Images

    Here are some thermal shots of a conventional hot water tank, as you can see there is a lot of heat loss occurring. Sure during the winter months this is probably not a very big deal as the heat leaks into the house. During the summer when you are paying copious amount of money to keep your house cool a conventional tank sits there 24 hours a day leaking heat, and costing money. Additionally if you can see the vent pipe coming off the tank it is quite warm, this is wasted heat and energy being directly vented outside. That is lost energy and money for you. A tankless water heater has a much higher efficiency rating which significantly reduces the amount of heat and energy vented out of the house. The increased efficiency also means that there is less heat escaping into your home during the cooling season.

    More pictures to come soon.

    If you are interested we can bring the thermal camera out on an in home consultation and you can see first hand why your conventional tank is one of the largest energy waters in your home.  Fill out the simple inquiries form and we will contact you within 1 business day (please specify if you would like us to bring the thermal camera).

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