Bosch Tankless Heater Review

    Bosch Tankless Heater

    It seems that every user has had a unique experience with their Bosch Tankless heater.  Some people are extremely happy and wouldn’t switch to anything else.  On the other hand there are far more that are extremely disappointed in its functionality and its heating capabilities .  Below is a synopsis of the majority of complaints. Of the 38 reviews that were submitted 1 being the worst and 5 the best the results are as follows.

    • 1 (Very Bad) – 21
    • 2 (Bad) – 7
    • 3 (OK) – 3
    • 4 (Good) – 5
    • 5 (Very Good) – 2

    Reputation – of the 38 reviews submitted there was 21 were rated the lowest possible
    Reliability – Of the 21 reviews that were negative 18 people had pieces that broke or had to be replaced
    Design – Several of the 21 negatives all had complaints about the system taking too long to produce the hot water
    Additionally users were able to enter pros and cons that they had experienced with the Bosch Tankless.

    Pros of the Bosch Tankless

    27 of the 38 respondents said that “when it was working it worked great”.  Several also mentioned space saving, energy efficient and endless hot water.

    Cons of the Bosch Tankless

    20 out of 38 mentioned temperature fluctuations as a source of negativity.  Also mentioned was non responsive technical support, high installation costs, leaky and expensive venting and reliability.

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    1. I have been using a Bosch tankless water heater for the past 6 years and have nothing but praise for it. I live in the country and have a well, at first I had a problem with the unit turning off, I read the manual and found out that if the pressure dropped to below 35 psi the unit shuts off for safety reasons. I adjusted the pressure switch on the pump and the problem was solved. I have read all kinds of negative comments about tankless heaters and as far as i’m concerned the people who are complaining have not taken the time to read the manual duh what else is new?

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