Rinnai Features

    – The Rinnai Water Heater is one of the most advanced water heaters available. It supplies hot water continuously at the temperature preset in the unit or at the temperature set on the optional remote controller(s). Installation of remote controller(s) are recommended for optimum performance.

    – The Rinnai Water Heater never runs out of hot water. While electricity, water and gas supplies are connected, the Rinnai Water Heater produces hot water whenever the hot tap is open.

    – The gas burner lights automatically when the hot water tap is opened, and goes out when the tap is closed. Ignition is electronic, there is no pilot light. When the hot water tap is off, no gas is used. You save energy and money with the Rinnai Water Heater.

    – The sound (noise) level from the Rinnai Water Heaters is very low.

    – The Rinnai Water Heater is a very compact direct vented device. It saves valuable floor and wall space.

    – The Rinnai Water Heater incorporates a device to minimize temperature fluctuations (cold water sandwich effect) when the water is off, then on again. This effect can be eliminated by installing the Rinnai Water Heaters with a circulation loop with a small storage tank.

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