Takagi T-H2S

The Takagi T-H2S is a new tankless model that Takagi has developed and is now offering. It is available in either Direct Vent or Outdoor models. Takagi’s T-H2S is a condensing tankless that is very energy efficient (up to 90% EF). The T-H2S was designed for residential applications and is a candidate for the ECOenergy audit rebate program and its $375 tankless rebate program.

The T-H2S Flow

Seeing as the T-H2S is one of Takagi’s greenest tankless models offering an average efficiency of 90% with natural gas and 90% with propane. If you choose this tankless model here in Ontario, Toronto, Barrie, or any of the surrounding cities expect a flow rate of about 4.1 GPM or 246 GPH with an input temperature at 40ºF or less.

Takagi states that the T-H2S tankless can provide at least two showers worth of water simultaneously in addition to one appliance.


The T-H2S can be vented with PVC providing zero clearance for direct vent installations.
PVC venting can be used in all applications and a 3″ exhaust venting option is coming soon.
The TH2S utilizes dual exchangers to maximize the unit’s energy efficiency.
The primary heat exchanger is made of copper while the secondary is stainless steel.
This secondary heat exchanger is used to recover waste heat from the vent stack to preheat
the incoming ground water. This is in fact what classifies the TH2S as a condensing
tankless water heater.


Natural Gas Input  Min. 13,000BTU   Max. 180,000BTU 
LPG Input  Min. 13,000BTU   Max. 180,000BTU 
Gas Connection  3/4″ NPT    
Water Connection  3/4″ NPT    
Condensate Water Drain  1/2″ NPT    
Natural Gas Pressure Inlet  Min. 5.0″WC   Max 10.5″WC 
LP Gas Pressure Inlet  Min. 8.0″WC   Max. 14.0″WC 
Weight  DV = 73lbs.   OS = 70lbs. 
Dimensions  25.6″ x 18.5″ x 12.4″    
Ignition  Electronic Ignition    
Electrical Supply  AC 120V (60 Hz)    
Water Pressure  Min. 15psi   Max. 150psi 
T-H2S-DV Manifold Pressure  Natural: 2.5″WC   Propane:4.3″WC 
T-H2S-OS Manifold Pressure  Natural: 1.9″WC   Propane:3.6″WC 

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