Bosch Therm C1050ES

Bosch Tankless Therm C1050ES Specifications

This Bosch tankless is a high performance, fully condensing tankless water heater. Condensing technology captures heat from the exhaust gas and uses it to preheat the incoming cold water significantly increasing the efficiency and reducing emissions. The Bosch “Therm” is the new generation of tankless water heaters and employs antifreeze protection, preheated water acceptance, and up to 24 units in series.

Therm C 1050 ES Specifications
Application Residential or Commercial
Max Input (BTU) 199,000
Min Input (BTU) 19,900
Intelligent Cascading Up to 24 Units
Min Flow Rate 0.5 GPM
Temp Range (°F) 100-140 (°F)
Temp Stability (°F) +/- 2 (°F)
Default Temp (°F) 120 (°F)
Thermal Efficiency 92%
Installation Options Indoor
Dimensions (w x h x d) 17.875″ x 30½” x 11¼”
Weight (lbs.) 74
Inlet Connection ¾” NPT
Outlet Connection ¾” NPT
Gas Connection ¾” NPT
Max Water Pressure 150 psi
Min Water Pressure 30 psi
Min NG Presure 3.5″ WC
Condensing Heat Exchanger Aluminum
Venting Options PVC, CPVC, ABS, Stainless, Cat III
Vent Maximun Run 63 feet

The Bosch Therm C1050es tankless water heater is great all around condensing tankless unit available in Ontario. It is a great system for medium to larger homes or small scale commercial applications.

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Ontario Price For Bosch 1050 ES Tankless should start at around $2400 and increase with venting kits and installation costs