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Takagi Tankless

Takagi tankless water heaters were the first to enter the North American market around 1995. Although they had more than perfected the tankless having manufactured their systems in Japan for over 50 years prior. Takagi is committed to quality and innovation and they have done a good job with excellent reliable systems. It would not be a mistake to install a Takagi tankless in your home.
Takagi has a few popular tankless models and here in Ontario you would probably be installing one of these systems.

  1. The T-H2 – Green, 2nd generation condensing tankless, 4.6 GPM (40 degree ground water temp) and can be vented with PVC piping. It’s a great system that meets the NRCan audit program requirements for high efficiency and qualifies for a $375 Government grant.
  2. Takagi T-K3 – Low flow activation rate, link up to 4 units in conjunction for increased hot water flow, extra long vent pipe applications (50 feet with 5 elbows). Expect around 4.1 GPM at a 40 degree temperature rise. Does qualify for NRCan audit rebates of 300$ plus.
  3. T-K4 Takagi is a new tankless that can be installed indoors and out, designed for easy venting and lots of hot water production. The T-K4 can produce up to 8 GPM, impressive for a tankless water heater. Built in power venting system.
  4. Give us a call for a Request a Free Quote on a Takagi tankless for your home. Or you can fill out this Quick Form and we can contact you regarding a new tankless.

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Tankless Brands

There are a number of different brands of tankless water heaters below you will find a short synopsis of each of each tankless system. We have also orded them from top to bottom in terms of which we recommend first to home owners throughout Toronto, the GTA, and the Golden Horseshoe.

Rinnai Tankless

Easily one of the biggest suppliers of tankless units, they are known for stability and reliability. Of all the experience we have had with tankless water heaters Rinnai’s Tankless is the most reliable unit on the market today. Most of Rinnai’s reliability is derived from the fact you have to be licensed and trained by the manufacturer to even be able to install and sell these units.  This enforcement ensures that every tankless is installed correctly and to code. 

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Rheem Tankless

Rheem has really picked up their socks over the last 5 years and this has propelled them into second spot.  They have innovative tankless systems that have proven their reliability and durability with features no other tankless manufacturer offers.  Make sure that if you are looking at upgrading to a tankless you check out the Rheem tankless series.

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Rheem tankless

Navien Tankless

This one is often spelled incorrectly as “Navian”.  It has been know as the the most efficient tankless with their units reaching 98% efficiency.  They have had reliability issues in the past but they are on to the 4th generation and all of the past issues have been cleared up.  A Navien will make you proud you own a tankless water heater.

Navien Tankless Quote

Noritz Tankless

Not the most popular brand of tankless but it is a nice unit none the less.  Reliability is lacking a bit but it makes it up in its efficiency.

Bosch Tankless

Commonly sold in Home Depots, these tankless systems are good units but they are so frequently incorrectly sized and installed that they have developed a bad reputation due to this.

Takagi Tankless

If for some reason I couldn’t get a Rinnai tankless I would choose the Takagi tankless model for sure, high efficiency, reliability, and easy venting.  What more could you ask for?

John Wood Tankless

This brand can be difficult to find in Toronto or Ontario for that matter, its mainly sold in the US and is made by GSW.