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Newmarket Tankless

Newmarket Tankless

Are you interested in the new tankless or instant hot water heating technology that many home owners and reporters are talking about? We have installed many systems throughout Newmarket and surrounding areas.Newmarket Tankless

These systems simply hang or mount on your wall and when you open a hot water tap in your home the water is near instantly heated to your desired temperature and sent out.  Sure this sounds pretty intuitive but the current system most homes utilise is much less efficient and literally requires you pay to heat 50 gallons 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  That’s a large volume of water, 190 liters to be exact; think how many liters the gas tank in your vehicle is… Much smaller I would anticipate. On top of that I guarantee you don’t leave your vehicle running all night so it’s warm in the morning.

Tankless systems can be a bit more difficult to install due to additional venting regulations.  We know Newmarket well and have installed systems in several homes within the new subdivisions surrounding Upper Canada Mall as well as homes throughout the rest of Newmarket.

With any newer technology there are always people resistant to change, doing research on tankless systems you are bound to find some negative opinions.  The best solution is to educate yourself on the system and understand the positives and negatives.  We offer free in home consultations where a REP can assess venting and installation requirements and provide you with an exact quote in addition to personally answering any questions or concerns. 

We also have written a comprehensive overview on tankless misconceptions and issues that homeowners may be interested in – see the tankless debate here.

If you’re interested in having an in home consultation, have us call you to schedule a convenient time by filling out our quick form below.  It’s quick, easy and your privacy is assured.


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Barrie tankless installation

Barrie Tankless

Barrie draws all its water from wells located stategically around the city. This has a few benefits for homeowners looking to switch over to a tankless system, firstly its warmer in the winter than it would be if drawn from Lake Simcoe and thus uses less energy to heat up. Secondly the water is purer and has less dissolved mineral content reducing the buildup of scale in a tankless heat exchanger. Thus if your a Barrie resident a tankless is a good system to invest in.

We can service and install tankless systems in a number of areas in and around the Barrie area (Essa, Bradford, Nottawasaga, Innisfil, Alliston, Stayner, Keswick, Wassaga, etc). It never hurts to ask, so if you’re at all interested Get More Information Now

Tankless system provide instant hot water and can provide an endless supply, they can reduce water heating bills by up to 50 percent, and have a significantly loger lifespan than a conventioanl tank type water heater.

Don’t forget Barrie and the Province of Ontario are still offering grants and rebates to home owners who make the switch over to a tankless system. So if you live in Barrie or area you can get a Government rebate with an energy audit to help offset the additional cost.

Barrie tankless sales and services.