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Hot Water Tank Heaters

You heat the hot water in your home 365 days a year if you are using conventional hot water tank heaters.  If you’re in Ontario there is a good chance you rent that very tank sitting in a storage closet, mechanical room, or basement.  What always amazes me is the people invest so much in efficient furnace or air conditioners that only run for a portion of the year yet their hot water tank heaters remain inefficient and run every day, all year long.

We are a Southern Ontario based HVAC contractor installing conventional tanks as well as a Toronto tankless installer.  A tankless will only fire when you need hot water, this saves significant money on your water heating bills.  If you are thinking of switching out of your hot water tank contract then give us a call and we can help you either cancel the contract or help you get out of it.  We have helped hundreds of customers escape their crazy hot water tank heater contracts.

A tankless is over 90 percent efficient and remains that way over the life of the system.  A conventional tank starts at around 60 percent efficiency but drops from that point on.  Yes a tankless will cost you more upfront but the savings will offset this initial additional cost, on top of that we also rent tankless water heaters.  So give us a quick call or fill out our digital form.  We will be able to answer any questions and provide you with an exact price on a tankless vs your conventional hot water tank heaters.  

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