Rinnai Tankless Error LC Code

Your Rinnai will build up a scale on the inside of the heat exchanger significantly reducing efficiency.  If it becomes too much the Rinnai tankless will produce an error code LC (or 00 when previewing error history).

How to Fix Error LC on your Rinnai

As a temporary fix if you simply unplug the unit and wait 60 seconds then plug it back in the tankless should work for a little while.  The Rinnai may work for up to a week before the error shows up again but it’s important you address the issue as soon as possible.

To properly fix the problem the tankless needs to be flushed to remove the scale buildup.  Toronto and surrounding areas serviced by municipal water have reasonable water hardness.  Areas serviced by well water are prone to higher water hardness and greater scale buildup in the tankless.

See how to properly flush your tankless at home

Check out our tankless flushing service for Toronto and surrounding areas.

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